Courtney Love Defamation Suit Verdict Upheld

By Hayden Wright for

The verdict in a defamation lawsuit against Courtney Love was sustained in court of appeals this week.

In 2014, Love was at the subject of a suit after speaking out about her former attorney Rhonda Holmes on Twitter. At the time, Love wrote that Holmes was “bought off” by parties who had allegedly mismanaged the Kurt Cobain estate.

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“I was f—ing devastated [sic] when Rhonda J. Holmes esq. of san diego was bought off,” she wrote.

For Holmes’ defamation claim to pass muster, the plaintiff needed to prove that Love knowingly misrepresented the truth.

“Substantial evidence supports the jury’s finding that Holmes did not prove by clear and convincing evidence that Cobain knew the statement was false or had serious doubts about the truth of the statement when she made it,” elaborated Justice Thomas Willhite in his opinion.

It’s unclear whether Holmes has further avenues to contest the judgment or if she plans to use them if they exist.

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