Donations Being Accepted For CSULB Student Nohemi Gonzalez, Lone American Killed In Paris Attacks

Author: Cody Black | Web Producer

Nohemi Gonzalez was an industrial design student at Cal State Long Beach who was spending a semester abroad at the Strate School of Design in Paris. On Friday, November 13th, Gonzalez was dining with friends at La Belle Équipe when suddenly the restaurant was riddled with bullets, killing 19 people including Nohemi. She was one of 129 total people killed during the malicious Paris attacks, and the only American known to have lost their life.

Nohemi’s friends personally reached out to KROQ to share information regarding her memorial fund, which is in place to help her family during these tough times. They asked us to share the video below so people could get a sense of who Nohemi was – a selfless individual who loved and had an appreciation for life.

At about the one minute mark, Nohemi appears in front of a group of individuals and begins her presentation by saying, “There’s a lot of people that go through their life and they don’t find their passion. I feel fortunate because not a lot of people get to have higher education. We do get to follow what we love and do it every day.”

From Nohemi’s friend:

I chose to reach out to KROQ first due to a fond memory I have with her… in design, we all work through the night together in the workshop at school, and would frequently fight over stations to play over the radio. A few times I worked with her during these all-nighters, and Nohemi and I were on team KROQ and enjoyed listening to your station together. One time I remember a few of our Hispanic students were dancing around to it, but I was not fortunate enough to get salsa lessons from my mom when I was younger, so I just let Nohemi and our other friend Rigo dance it out, even though they encouraged me to dance too! The guy they wanted me to dance with was way too hot though, so I just went back to working…🙊… perfect example that she was so fun and just wanted everyone to celebrate life! So also thank you for playing good music, even through the night for us.


Learn more about the memorial fund and donate here. Those who would like to donate canned food or gift cards to the family can do so at the Cal State Long Beach Department of Designs office.

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