’s RJ Bell Gives Us His NFL Week 11 Picks

Author: Chip

Ok guys, this isn’t the time to panic.’s RJ Bell has had a bit of a rough patch in the last few weeks, but that just means a successful week will be that much sweeter, right?  Can we blame everything last weekend on Peyton Manning? Sure, why not.

Underdog Special: Denver Broncos +1 vs. Chicago Bears

This is only the 5th time in 57 games that the Broncos are the underdog. Their (7-2) record really is all due to the exceptional play of the defense, with the offense clearly struggling. Quarterback Peyton Manning being benched is a also a factor. The Bears are surging, but RJ Bell thinks they have peaked.

Best Bet: Arizona Cardinals  -5 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Are the Cardinals the best team in the league? A strong case can be made for it, and they have a huge home advantage. The Bengals have proven time and again that they wilt in big games, and a prime time match up certainly carries a lot of pressure.

Big Game: Buffalo Bills +7.5 vs. New England Patriots

The Patriots have suffered many significant injuries on the offensive line and at skill positions, which may cause them to play more conservatively as they plug the holes. In the Patriots’ case, this means that they could rely on the run vs. the passing game.

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