Owning a Bugatti is Ludicrously Expensive, Watch a Supercar Owner Explain

By Lightning

Earlier this year Arnold Schwarzenegger threw down somewhere over a million dollars on a new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

We asked the final sales price but the dealership wouldn’t even confirm that they sold it to him. It’s likely they signed a confidentiality agreement, or they simply value their customers’ privacy and wouldn’t share with us or TMZ. Regardless, the media picked up on the story which caused everyone who was only vaguely familiar with the Veyron to flip out upon hearing the car’s yearly maintenance costs. The owners of such supercars can expect to spend in the neighborhood of $30,000 annually.

Now, this sounds absolutely insane to anyone that drives a sub-$2 million dollar car but if you can afford part with the kind of money for the car itself, you likely have enough pocket change to keep it running.

Assuming you can come to grips with the amount of money needed to keep your Veyron in tip-top shape, you’re still wondering where does the money go and why is it all so expensive?

Rather than me recounting my on-air conversation with Kevin & Bean, it’s more fun to watch Alejandro Salomon drive a Bugatti around a race track in Coachella Valley explaining exactly where your money will go. Who is Salomon and why is he qualified to explain such things? He’s a young wealthy guy from LA who became Instagram-famous after purchasing a $1 million Pagani Huayra. There are very few of them and his was made to order, with the colors of the Mexican flag pinstriped onto the car. He’s a pretty funny guy worth following, assuming you enjoy sex and potty humor mixed in with your exotic car talk. He’s at @salomondrin.

Watch him drive around the track at snail-like speed and explain just how much money it costs his friend—who owns this $3 million version—to maintain the Bugatti.


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