Kevin & Bean Talk To Beer Mug About His 2015 MTV VMA Red Carpet Interviews

Author: Beer Mug

The MTV VMAs is one of the biggest nights in music. It’s filled to the brim with A-list celebrities walking the red carpet and attending the show. But for some reason, many of these A-listers seem to skip over KROQ. After watching Beer Mug in action, Kevin & Bean are pretty sure he has everything to do with that.

Watch as Kevin & Bean grill Beer Mug over his “interviews” with Connor Weil and Amadeus Serafini from Scream, Rebecca Black, Louie Diller and Liz Nistico of Holychild, Jillian Michaels formerly from The Biggest Loser, and our own Dr. Drew from Loveline.

Plus, watch Beer Mug’s creepy encounters with Miley Cyrus, Jaden SmithMiguel, and Big Sean.

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