Skrillex and Diplo Get Serious in Charlie Rose Interview

by Jay Tilles

Skrillex and Diplo sat down with Charlie Rose last night for a 30 minute interview. Unlike many interviews with the two dance music producers, this one didn’t move at hyper speed. Rather, Rose took his time and allowed room for the Jack Ü duo answer thoughtfully.

Rose made inquiries into how they came up. What made them stars? In short, the times they live in made it possible for them to reach their audience. With the popularity of computers and the Internet’s ease of use, they established massive audiences by going directly to them, with little or no need for a record label.

“As producers,” says Diplo, “our job is inside the computers, inside the speakers… to make the loudest and craziest… the next, the biggest… something you haven’t heard before. Our goal is to always be progressive, to make something brand new and fresh.” “Also, to bring people together,” adds Skrillex.

“In the beginning, no one considered us musicians,” confessed Skrillex. “I think now we’ve just gained a lot more respect and rapport from musicians from a lot of different artists.” He also noted that the media has finally begun to give them credit as musicians.

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With “Where Are You Now,” Jack Ü’s wildly popular song featuring Justin Bieber, Rose wanted to know what makes the young singer tick. Although neither of them could crystallize it, Skrillex had nothing but compliments for Bieber, expressing how impressed he is with how he’s pulled his life together as well as his musical abilities. “No matter when anybody says, he’s one of the most talented people that I’ve ever been in the studio with.”


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