New Alice in Chains Book Reveals Courtney Love’s Doubts on Kurt Cobain’s Suicide

By Philip Cosores 

Although Kurt Cobain’s death has been in the news as of late due to the recent release of the documentary Montage of Heck, the truth is that the his suicide of Cobain has been discussed relatively consistently since 1994, with the facts seemingly always in dispute and being questioned.

Now, a new biography about Alice in Chains‘ deceased frontman Layne Staley again raises questions, with the spin now being that the doubts about Cobain’s suicide came from his wife, Courtney Love. This is interesting because conspiracy theories have long claimed Love responsible for Cobain’s death, but this new account presents a third option, where Cobain neither committed suicide nor was the victim of a Courtney Love plot. (via Stereogum)

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In the book Alice in Chains: The Untold Story, Love allegedly called Staley’s stepfather in an attempt to contact Staley, wanting to get to the bottom of how Cobain spent his final few days, apparently not convinced that the suicide was plausible from the Nirvana leader.

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