BattleBots Are Back And More Awesome Than Ever!

Way back in the year 2000, there was a competition TV show on Comedy Central called BattleBots, in which competitors created remote-controlled robots designed to fight and destroy their robot competitors in an arena tournament. Well, ladies and gentlemen, BattleBots are back and coming to primetime!

ABC has resurrected the show for an initial six episode run, which premieres this Sunday, June 21. Our good friend, Alison Haislip, is on board as the show’s sideline reporter, and she couldn’t be more excited to be part of the awesome robot brutality! Her only request to the show’s producers was, “if this show is successful, please don’t replace me like they did on The Voice! I want to be on this show for a very long time!”

When the Kevin & Bean show had initially brought up the ridiculous, overly excited commercials for BattleBots, the phrase “IT’S ROBOT FIGHTING TIME” from the commercial was mocked by Ralph, but defended by Alison.

“I would totally wear a t-shirt that said ‘IT’S ROBOT FIGHTING TIME’!”

The show is shot much like a major sporting event that would be seen on ESPN, and is bound to be compelling from start to finish. Some of the show’s athletes competitors do this strictly as a hobby, while others have related jobs like building robots for the US military. Is BattleBots a sport though? Or merely a competition? Watch on Sunday and decide for yourself.


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