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106 (Ish) Observations & Things That Happened At KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta

1) Walking into KROQ’s Weenie Roast y Fiesta 2015, the party vibe is already strong thanks to all the brightly-colored Mexican-themed decorations. Immediately witnessed: a kid trying to steal a pinata. OK, kids. It’s a little early for theft.

2) The hill to the lawn either gets easier to climb, or we just get more excited every year to see the bands.

Photos: KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta 2015

3) There was already a huge turn-out for X Ambassadors, the first band of the day, who led the audience in a riveting, arms waving in the air version of “Renegade.”

4) X Ambassadors promptly asked people to get nude—both emotionally and physically when they played a new song” “It’s about being open. Being honest. Showing someone you love who you really are. It’s about taking your clothes off.” Witnessed: a few people trying to take it off. Actually derobing and being sexy about it is a hard endeavor, we know.

5) There were a lot of James Bay lookalikes–hats, glasses, and all. Stryker is onto something when he announced Bay as the next great thing.

6) When James Bay sang “do you ever wanna be in love, I’ll come around,” we’re pretty sure there was a swooning girl (of which there were many) who threw him her phone number. Thirsty or brave?

7) Was it a breeze when James Bay sang “why don’t you be you and I’ll be me” or the release of breath from all the girls screaming–especially after he took his sunglasses off and made all the girls sing along.


8) But also some dude was screaming, “let me buy you a beer” before his hit song “Hold Back The River,” so he’s a hit in the bromance and romance sector.

9) Saint Motel immediately got us a little bit horny with their first song, “Do you feel the love?” Everyone definitely felt it.


10) Then the Southern California locals gave us profound philosophy disguised as a weather report: “We were sound checking this morning. It was rainy and cold. Things change. Things change.”

11) Of course Saint Motel would have the Saint Motel Dancers: sequin, feather, and ruffle clad showgirls doing a sexy choreographed dance.

12) Shout out to everyone wearing the tiny little sombreros-way to bring the fiesta. Now who brought the weenies? Trick question.

13) We love how Saint Motel does the old school funk band introductions to close out their set before playing “Just My Type.”

14) Big Data really has the creepy robot lady down.


15) Overheard three underage girls: “How can we get up there and ask people to buy us drinks?” Watch out for these ones, guys.

16) Cut to the lemonade dudes competing for sales. Traipsing around selling lemonade to people seems like a hard job, but way to make lemons into lemonade.

17) Three guesses to what’s in the piñatas. It’s KROQ. So guess dirtier.

18) It looks fun to watch the show onstage, but it’s really not. The sound (and view) is so much better in the audience. Next time you get jealous of the VIPS, don’t. There’s nothing they’ve got going on compared to watching Of Monsters and Men from the comfort of your seat.

19) Big Data really does “Private Eyes” in a way more, poignant way than the original dude. Less sexy, more stalky and very 2015.


21) The food backstage by Lemonade was sooo good even the mariachi band was grubbing down. Butternut squash salad with corn nuts. Every day in our mouth por favor and gracias.

22) “Is this thing on?” A Moment with Bean before All Time Low came out and shouted out all the Weenies.

23) Someone threw half a bra at All Time Low. C’mon. What are you? Half a woman? Take it ALL off and be a full woman. 🙂


24) OMG! Mark Hoppus joined All Time Low on their new song “Tidal Waves.” And then he bows awkwardly, hits the cymbal with his mic, and leaves the stage. Classic quirky Mark Hoppus.


26) Hey kids–the paternity test was confirmed: Mark Hoppus is Jack from All Time Low’s Dad lol

27) Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil was also here with All Time Low!


28) Cold War Kids didn’t hang us out to dry with new music. They played us “First,” a KROQ favorite.

33) Vance Joy doesn’t need any lasers or smoke machines. All he needs is his acoustic guitar, an angelic voice, and better hair than just about…everybody.



36) Seriously, it’s impossible to not dance to an electric ukelele.

37) Finally, we found the weenies! Hot in these two girls’ hands. 


It’s true. The food (and not just the Weenie’s) at Weenie Roast is pretty, excuse our lame ’90s slang,

39) Dude, it’s so windy out there AWOLNATION looks like they are literally about to sail. Hold your Weenies kids. We’re just a quarter into this list, but we predict a wild night courtesy of Mother Nature.


40) Two girls,one (ish) churro. 

41) See, we told you we’re about to get wild. Walk The Moon opened up their set with the “Circle of Life” from The Lion King.


42) And literally no one has a problem with this.


44) Who else wants to rip the metallic blazer off Brendon Urie’s back and run through Loge like it’s a glam-rock flag, while screaming the lyrics of “Miss Jackson” at the top of our lungs or is that just the tequila speaking, hmm?

45) So many people too stoned to maintain a conversation, so little concentration. Weee….look more Weenie’s.

46) Umm, Brendon Urie sounds so much like Freddie Mercury while covering “Bohemian Rhapsody,” it’s ALMOST like Queen is a special guest?


48) Gossip is there’s a big fight going on a bunch of kids are hopping the fence. C’mon, guys. Not cool. Stop being Weenies and just pay for a lawn ticket.

49) Reports are in that Panic! at the Disco have elicited a religious experience. They’re taking you to church…Oh wait.


50) Apparently, Brendon Urie doesn’t really like Rob Zombie and sang a song in dedication to that. Or it’s totally sarcastic, vicious mutual love. We’ll just keep wondering.


And we’d expect no less.

52) Ben Gibbard didn’t like the fog. But at least he was wearing the appropriate flannel for the, ummm, weather? There’s a silver lining to every fog…


53) Now Ben Gibbard wants the fog machines cranked up. Make up your mind, dude. No, just kidding. Better yet, keep us guessing.

54) Awww. 

55) Florence might look weak, but she’s still on stage completely rockin’ it with her broken foot.


56) One of the security guards made a joke that Florence wasn’t actually injured, that she just wanted to be picked up and taken off stage. We doubt it, but that’s an idea we might steal.

57) Muse’s interstellar rock comes complete with jewel toned fog, a space organ, and an army wielding glow sticks.


58) And a 5-year-old who’s mother brought him to see his favorite band. You go mom!

60) If you’re intoxicated, watching Matt Bellamy’s Simon-says style guitar lights is like doing DMT-not that we’d know, we just heard from a friend.


61) All the drunk, loud, obnoxious people should get their own shuttle back to the hotel. Full of sparkling cucumber water and bacon cheeseburgers.

62) OK, sooooo, we tried to give you 106 things, but there were too many tacos and too much tequila and we think we just drunk-dialed Stryker, so good night and adios until the next Weenie Roast.

Add your own observations in the comments and maybe we can make it to 106. #doourworkforus


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