Sleeping With Sirens Spotlights Fans in ‘The Strays’: Watch

by Jay Tilles

Sleeping with Sirens have once again tapped fans to star in their music videos, this time for “The Strays”, an emotional ballad about making yourself into something special despite the naysayers.

“Looking at youth, I think that’s kind of a feeling I think that a lot of young people have,” singer Kellin Quinn told “A lot of kids go to college and spend a lot of getting degrees and get out of school and have no idea how to get a job, or can’t get a job… It goes back to having that belief and positive feeling in yourself. The idea behind the lyric isn’t necessarily the person saying that you’d be nothing but kind of really putting forth that power of, “But I am! [going to amount to something]” and just having that self belief rather than relying on other people to make you feel a certain way.”

Meanwhile, Diddy surprised the band when he posted a photo of Quinn and Stryker to his Instagram. The photo, taken when Quinn was in studio for an impromptu interview, shows off a gift given to Styker by the band as thanks for playing “The Strays” as his 4:20 song. The gift? A bottle of DeLeon, Diddy’s tequila brand.

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