Jimmy Kimmel on Being in Manny Pacquiao’s Entourage

Author: Chip

The clear winner of Saturday night’s fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was not a boxer, ironically.

It was none other than Jimmy Kimmel, who worked himself into the biggest fight of the century.

A few weeks ago on his late night talk show, Kimmel had proposed the idea to Pacquiao about being in his crew for the match against Floyd Mayweather. “I’ll sing, I’ll walk beside you, I’ll do whatever I have to…I’ll fight Justin Bieber.”

However, he didn’t really think anything would come of it. “I did not expect it to go any further than [Manny] making a joke about it, but after the show, they said “Yeah, we’d like to do that.”  As he explained to Kevin & Bean, even in the short time leading up to the main event, Jimmy expected to get tossed out long before they approached the ring. He even witnessed Manny’s own relatives getting thrown out of the dressing room by security before the fight, and waited to be the next one ushered out.

On if he had any plans going in, Jimmy explained he didn’t have anything up his sleeve. “I thought, ‘Well, at the last minute, somebody will push me aside, and this is not gonna happen, this is ridiculous, why is he a part of this?”

But then there he was, bouncing behind Manny Pacquiao, looking like a member of Run-DMC, seemingly ready to be in a fight himself. At first he stayed at the back of the group, not wanting to be in the way of Pacquiao, or overshadow his trainers, but halfway down the aisle, he was told, “[Manny] wants you behind him.”

When the group reached the ring, Jimmy decided it was time for him to exit, but no one would let him leave. “I got out of the ring, and they pulled me back into the ring,” he then joked, “at a certain point I thought I might have to defend myself.”

Listen to Jimmy’s full account below.

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