Recreate Your Favorite Movie Scene As A Photo & You Could Win An ArcLight Cinemas Lifetime Pass

Author: Ralph Garman

On May 1st, ArcLight Cinemas is opening a beautiful new theater in Culver City and to celebrate they’ve created a contest to give away a Lifetime Pass.

Ralph Garman will be among those judging photographic recreations of movie scenes.

Recreate a scene from your favorite movie as a photo and enter it using #myarclight.

You can check out Ralph’s own creativity and get full details at

FINALIST #1 – Sheila Finegan’s “Shining” 

FINALIST #2 – Kristie Mattsson “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”

FINALIST #3 – Molly & Hudson S. “Princess Bride”

FINALIST #4 – Brian Larson “A Christmas Story”

FINALIST #5 – Shawn T. “Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom”

FINALIST #6 – Paul C. “Alien”

CONTEST WINNER: Adam M. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

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