Rodney On The Roq Playlist 4/27/15: Motobunny, Blur, Kill My Coquette, And More

Kaiser Chiefs “Ruffians On Parade”

Sleater-Kinney “Surface Envy”

The Vaccines “Dream Lover”

Ty Segall “Susie Thumb”

The Growlers “Big Toe”

Pixies “Toe In The Ocean”

Samantha 7 “Scene Girl”

Motobunny “Motobunny”

Vicky And The Vengents “The Time It Takes To Break A Heart”

Echosmith “Talking Dreams”

Girlpool “Jane”

Johnny Thunders “Great Big Kiss”

The Jigsaw Seen “Running To The Convent”

Tommy Henriksen “All My Heroes”

Drenge “We Can Do What We Want”

The Gears w/ Freddy Cannon “Keep Moving”

Frankfurt Schoolgirls “Celebrity Twist”

Wire “Split Your Ends”

The International Swingers “Live Wire”

Drifting Sand “Santa Cruz’n”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds “The Mexican”

Wire “Joust & Jostie”

Echosmith “Cool Kids”

Du Blonde “Black Flag”

Wallflower “Double Nickels”

Maria McKee “I’m Not You”

Skating Polly “Alabama Movies”

Sleater-Kinney “I Wanna Be your Joey Ramone”

Gateway Drugs “Fridays Are For Suckers”

Blur “Lonesome Street”

They Might Be Giants “Erase”

Taymir “What Would You Say”

Deaf Rhino “Hey You”

Hockey Dad “Beach House”

Prima Donna “Rip Her To Shreds”

Courtney Barnett “Aqua Profunda!”

Mz. Moxy “Always Something”

Kill My Coquette “3rd & Bonnie Brae”

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