Diplo Was Joking About That Robert Plant Collaboration – But Now He’s Not

By Jay Tilles

Last month, Diplo posted a selfie with Robert Plant, the concise accompanying caption reading, “Collab coming soon,” leaving fans with more questions than answers.

But in an interview with Kevin & Bean, Diplo revealed the story behind the infamous photo with the Led Zeppelin frontman.

“I was on tour with Robert Plant down in South America and we never did anything together, I just wrote that on my Instagram,” he said. “It seemed like it was so insane that no one would take it seriously but now I’m actively going to look for him to do a collaboration.

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“The reason I even approached him backstage is because he beat me for the GRAMMY Record of the Year four years ago [note: Plant and Alison Krauss won for “Please Read the Letter” in 2009, beating out the Diplo-produced “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.) and I told him that was my only chance to to get that award and you and Alison Krauss ruined it for me, but I still want to get a photo with you anyway.

Bean remarked that for being such a young guy, it’s “awesome” that Diplo has an appreciation for Plant.

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