Sia’s “Elastic Heart” Music Video: Creepy Or Overreaction?

Author: Chip

The new music video for Australian singer Sia has raised some eyebrows and concerns in its wake. The “Elastic Heart” video features “actual cannibal” Shia LaBeouf and “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler dance-fighting (or is it fight-dancing?) in a giant cage in skintight nude-colored body suit and shorts.

What is wrong with that? Well, LaBeouf is 28 years old, and Maddie? She’s 12. This had lead to some proclaiming the clip “creepy” and “predatory”. Sia has since apologized to anyone who took it the wrong way, saying the two were intended to portray two sides of her psyche, and she couldn’t imagine anyone else in the roles.

She tweeted, “I apologize to those who feel triggered by #ElasticHeart My intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody.”

Check out the video for yourself, what do you think?

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