Kid Rock Turns Back the Clock with ‘First Kiss’ Video: Watch

There’s a whole lot of reminiscing in Kid Rock‘s new song “First Kiss.”

Not that that’s unexplored territory for the rap-rocker-turned-rocker-turned-country-rocker(something-something-DETROIT). His last major hit, 2008’s “All Summer Long,” was chock full of it, remembering summertime in Northern Michigan with melodies from “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Werewolves of London,” one fist pumping and the other holding a cold can of Natty Light.  Since then, he’s taken the heartland rock vibes and run with it, particularly with 2010’s ‘Merica-loving “Born Free.”

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Combine “All Summer Long” in terms of its remember-when lyricism and toss everything else in from “Born Free” and you’ve got “First Kiss,” which finds Kid Rock deciding to “turn my stereo up, roll my windows down” and cruise through town as he remembers the first time his lips locked with another’s.




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