‘Entourage’ Movie Trailer Features Calvin Harris Cameo: Watch

Dudes and bros everywhere can rejoice in this last-minute Christmas gift: the first official trailer for the upcoming movie version of the popular HBO series, Entourage.

While the clip is packed with the show’s famous characters, there’s also a famous face from the world of EDM who gets a moment in the spotlight: Calvin Harris.

Harris shows up in the opening sequence, which finds main character Vincent Chase (played by Adrian Grenier) portraying some sort of cyborg DJ spinning at a massive rave and exchanging knowing glances with Harris, who is seen posted up conspicuously at the party.

It’s soon revealed that the dramatic sequence is from an upcoming film that Chase is making, with his agent Ari (played by Jeremy Piven) yelling at him and his crew for going over budget.

From there the clip careens into a series of classic Entourage motifs: wild, model-packed parties on fancy yachts, the guys cruising L.A. in a hot car, Ari having anger management issues and cracks about “Turtle” (portrayed by Jerry Ferrara) and his weight.

The trailer also reveals some of the movie’s high-profile guest stars, including Billy Bob Thorton, Haley Joel Osment and the show’s creator, Mark Wahlberg.

Entourage the movie is currently scheduled for release on June 5.


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