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Top 14 Quotes from’s Video Interviews

All totaled, we recorded over 100 hours of video interviews this year at If we still used film, that’d be something like 200 miles of film rolled out end to end. But we care about the environment, and are not analog fetishists, so we just stick to digital.

Throughout the year, doe-eyed rookie artists and steely-eyed veterans from all walks of life came into our studios in New York and L.A. to share some time with us, for which we are immensely grateful.

Without any more ado, here are some of our favorite times we had on camera this year, from Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! talking about becoming a role model, to RiFF RAFF’s invention of the Versace Libra Scale.


Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!

Laura Jane Grace (a 2014 Winner) talks about being seen as a role model since coming out as a transsexual.

Quote: “There’s definitely been people that come out and say they were inspired by what I did, but I always try to drive it home the fact to them that making that connection is the support I need, too. Part of coming out and being public with it is that, you know, I was really isolated where I was in St. Augustine (Florida), and I didn’t know a single other transsexual or transgender person. So having the opportunity to meet people just through being open…if they’re looking for support from me, I’m looking for an equal amount of support from them.”


Linkin Park

Mike Shinoda talks about the inspiration behind the Linkin Park‘s latest album The Hunting Party and its first single, “Guilty All the Same.”

Quote: “One thing that I really kind of honed in on in the very beginning was that there are records that I grew up on like The Shape of Punk to Come by Refused, and bands like…I missed the hardcore movement when it happened, but I got onto it later, bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Inside Out and Undertow—I could keep going. There’s an energy and aggression and a meaning. This attitude that I’ve got something to say, and I need to get this out, you know? And we felt like that’s where we were at. There was something going on emotionally in the band and it manifested itself in way that wasn’t just lyrics, it was in the music, too, where we just needed this outlet for this really high energy thing. It came from stuff that predated our first album by a lot.”







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