Ferrari Restoration by Egidio Brandoli. Perfection.

His name is Egidio Brandoli and he restores Ferraris to perfection.

As a boy growing up in Modena, Italy, Brandoli would often here the new Ferraris being tested in the nearby factory and had dreams of one day working on these impressive machines. His passion led him to a position at the Scaglietti car body workshop.

For decades Brandoli worked alongside what many consider to be some of the greatest car builders ever. Then in 1980 Brandoli opened his own shop dedicated to restoring vintage Ferraris to better-than-new condition.

Thanks to Mr. Jesse James for turning me onto this video. If you know anything about Jesse, he greatly respects those that make art and machinery from nothing more than flat sheets of steel, using the same methods and tools as they did in the 1940s and 1950s when these cars were made.

If you have an antique Ferrari and it’s in need of restoration, there is no better place to take it than its birthplace.

Enjoy the short film, The Panelbeater.

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