’s RJ Bell Gives Us His NFL Week 14 Picks

Author: Chip founder RJ Bell may be our most popular guest yet, and as Kevin says, may be turning our listeners into “degenerate gamblers.”  But the man has been on fire for most of the season, with a 72% success rate with his picks. Last week was another “down” week for RJ, going (1-2) with his picks, but we still stand by the man, and you should too.

Week 14! Here we go:

Underdog Special: Tampa Bay Buccaneers +10 @ Detroit Lions

Ok, Tampa Bay is terrible, and this is a historic favorite for the Lions. This is only the 3rd time since 2000 that this team has been favored by over 9 points. However, after a win, the Detroit Lions have covered the following game only 6 out of 24 times, and have lost 13 straight after games gaining 30 or more points. They also easily could be a (5-7) team, as they have squeaked out some lucky late wins this season.

The Tampa defense has been playing better as well, and in 6 out of their 9 last games, they have been leading into the 4th quarter.

Best Bet: Miami Dolphins +2.5 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Kevin and Bean automatically dismiss RJ for ever saying anything good about the Dolphins (jerks), but RJ stands by it, and says Vegas thinks this team is far better than most others give them credit for.  6 of their 7 wins this season has been by 13 points or more, and three of their losses were late and tough. They also have not allowed a touchdown in their last 2 home games.

Big Game: Philadelphia Eagles -1 vs. Seattle Seahawks

RJ loves Philly, but Seattle has has 2 impressive wins in a row…or were they? They beat an overrated team in the Arizona Cardinals, and a team in turmoil (San Francisco 49ers). The Eagles defense is emerging as a force in the league, currently Top 10 against both the run and pass. The Eagles are also 16-4 in their last 20 regular season games.

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