’s RJ Bell Gives Us His NFL Week 13 Picks

Author: Chip founder RJ Bell, is usually spot on his with weekly NFL picks…what happened last week? He went (1-2) on picks after a stellar weeks-long winning streak, but as he’s always warned, a bad week was sure to pop up.

Will the football wizard redeem himself this week? Only one way to find out!

Underdog Special: Jacksonville Jaguars +3 vs. New York Giants

Guys, Jacksonville is bad. Really bad.  No one wants to risk money on th
em. However, the Giants are a less than good (3-8), and only the 6th team with that record to be favored in 25 years. The Giants have suffered 6 losses this season by double digits, and with the playoffs already seemingly out of reach, RJ Bell believes team motivation has been lost.

Best Bet: Arizona Cardinals -2.5 @ Atlanta Falcons

Arizona fell to Seattle last week, but it is always tough to win in the Seahawks’ house. Out of their last 20 games, Arizona has only lost 4. Their defense has not allowed an 100 yard rusher in 21 games, and they only seem to be getting better and better.  RJ Bell says the Falcons are even worse than they look, and having an easy schedule this season has not helped them at all.

Big Game: San Francisco 49ers -1 over Seattle Seahawks

Seattle usually performs well as an underdog; however, they are not as good as last year. Their D-line has been struggling, and with their center injured, the run game has been suffering. Russell Wilson has been off as well, with less than 200 yards in each of his last 4 games.

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