Lorde Was Taylor Swift’s Manager For One Night, And One Night Only

By Shannon Carlin

Lorde not only would defend Taylor Swift’s booty against Diplo—who for the record she doesn’t hate, just hates how he body-shamed Tay—she would help Swift accomplish a pretty harmless joke.

On The Tonight Show yesterday (Nov. 25), Lorde told host Jimmy Fallon that her and Taylor bonded over Shake Shack, particularly their “fat-ass milkshakes.”

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Then she let everyone know Taylor is funny—like, really funny—by telling a story about one time where Swift pretended Lorde was her manager at a GRAMMY party.

“Without missing a beat,” Lorde said in regards to Swift telling some guy she was her manager. Lorde even took the guy’s card to keep up with the ruse. “All of a sudden I was Taylor Swift’s manager. This like tiny, kind of gothy, like hunched person.”

The worst part? She performed on stage about a half hour later, which must have got that guy thinking that Taylor Swift’s manager is incredibly talented.


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