Founder RJ Bell Gives Us His NFL Week 12 Picks

Author: Chip

RJ Bell. Warlock.

The founder of has been giving us his picks this NFL Season, and week after week, he has been ON FIRE. In the last 4 weeks alone, he has gone (11-1) with his choices, and is (24-6) overall.

Will his streak continue? On to Week 12!

Underdog Special: Detroit Lions +7 @ New England Patriots

The Patriots have scored at least 40 points a game over the last 6 games, and have been victorious 42 of the last 45 games at home. However, Detroit has the #1 defense in the NFL.

Best Bet: Minnesota Vikings +9.5 hosting Green Bay Packers

Green Bay did score 52 points last week, and no team has been hotter in the league. But there was a shocking stat RJ did share this morning: The Packers have been outgained in every game by their opponents.  Another stat he shared, Home underdogs given at least 8 points are a staggering (26-9).

Big Game: Arizona Cardinals +7 @ Seattle Seahawks

How can the team with the league’s best record be the underdog? RJ attributes it to two things: 1) Cardinals are facing the defending Super Bowl champions, and 2) People are still hesitant to believe that Arizona is the real deal. Seattle has the best home advantage in the league (won 21 of last 23), but Arizona beat them in Seattle last year. Seattle is not playing as well this year, and is also dealing with a lot of locker room conflict. They rely on their run game; however, Arizona has the #3 run defense in the league.

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