Too Many Cooks- What The F*** Did We Watch?

Author: Chip

Adult Swim on Cartoon Network is the BEST at nonsense. “The Eric Andre Show”, “Check it Out with Dr. Steve Bruhle”, “Children’s Hospital”, all shows that leave you thinking 2 things after watching an episode: 1) “what the hell did I just watch?” and 2) “I LOVE it!”

Adult Swim posted a new video called “Too Many Cooks” last Friday, and in less than a week has gotten nearly 2 MILLION views. That means plenty of people around you are also walking around just as confused as you are.

The video, at 11 minutes long, starts out looking like the opening for a 80’s sitcom, complete with upbeat theme song. As the video goes on, the “Too Many Cooks” song continues, but it shifts to emulate cop shows, medical dramas, sci-fi, it becomes animated A la “G.I. Joe”, there is a nod to “Wonder Woman”, a falcon shows up at one point… WTF.

Then, of course, a bearded killer with a machete pops up and goes on a murder spree, later chasing a young woman through a TV soundstage.

[Spoiler Alert: there are some explosions and puppet death]

Did we all just drop acid?

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