Great Ideas You Had When You Were Drunk: Dave & Chip’s “Walking Dead” Band

Author: Chip

Alcohol is good, right? And it fuels nothing but good ideas, of course. Or…maybe not so much.

Back in July, Dave and I were down in San Diego working for the morning show at Comic-Con. After the work part was done, there was much drinking to be had. Very much. We were at a bar one night during closing when we were hit with the GREATEST IDEA EVER.

We talked about missing the great nonsense that was Melfon, and about how huge “The Walking Dead’s” presence at the convention was. Wouldn’t a band themed around the show be a for sure 100% slam dunk? Um…YES! The band name: Daryl’s Crossbow, the hits: “Look At The Flowers”, “Stay in the House Carl” and our crown jewel “Spoiler Alert,” which gives away every major plot point over the show’s run.

Usually, when you sober up the next morning, you laugh about the dumb ideas you came up with the night before. Nope, not Dave and I. MONTHS LATER, we still stood by it. A couple of weeks ago, we spent about 5 minutes writing songs and 2 hours recording with Omar (Dave is not a musician, and we ARE NOT singers). And the resulting musical baby, “Spoiler Alert”…well… maybe we should’ve left the idea in San Diego.

Please enjoy(?) “Spoiler Alert”, and we accept your scorn.

“Look At the Flowers” is a tribute to Carol taking out Lizzie in Season 4:

Carl is a dick, right? Here’s “Stay in the House Carl”:

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