Enjoy Some New Halloween Classics Courtesy of the Armenian Comedian

Author: Chip

“Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo. “Halloween” By Misfits. “Pet Sematary” by Ramones. These are great songs to crank at a Halloween party, but aren’t exactly recent.

With the gaping hole that is new Halloween music clearly apparent, Kevin & Bean have been trying to fill the void by soliciting for listeners to send in their new spooky classics.

First, we received a song called “Two Eye Balls” by listener Mikal, and it is the current runaway hit:

However, we may now have a contender for the new champion of Halloween…Sam “The Armenian Comedian”. No surprise there, right?

Sam joined forces with our own D-d-d-d-J Omar Khan, and with their powers combined, created two babies of musical genius, or badness, called  “Halloweenie Time” and “Halloween in America”:

Kevin & Bean talked to Sam and Omar this morning to learn more about what magic went in to making these masterpieces.  Omar didn’t know what Sam was going to bring to the table, so he wrote “Halloweenie Time” as a guide. However, Sam came fully prepared with lyrics (and sound effects) to also give us the gift of “Halloween in America”.

“I am better than ever,” he exclaimed,” I’m the Bob Marley of Armenia.”

Who can argue with that?

Have your own Halloween music to submit? Send it to Kevin@kroq.com, Bean@kroq.com, post it on our Facebook page, or Tweet at us!

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