6 Meat-Free Musicians For World Vegetarian Day

By Caitlyn Trudnich

There are so many different options when it comes to choosing a healthy diet.  From gluten-free to all-organic, there has never been a better time to improve your nutrition.

Today, vegetarian and vegan diets are more popular than ever – breaking stigmas of “tasteless” food and promoting an overall consciousness of what people choose to eat.

As October 1st is World Vegetarian Day, take a look at which of you favorite musicians will be celebrating!

Tony Kanal

Bassist for No Doubt, Kanal is a big advocate for veganism.  Often promoting animal rights, Kanal supports several organizations, including Peta, and Farm Sancutary’s Animal Acres, who has previously named him their “Activist of the Month.”  Check out Tony’s Twitter and Instagram, as he is always posting about awesome vegan restaurants he has visited, as well as useful information on the cause.

Davey Havok

When this AFI front man is not performing on the Carnivores Tour, giving his all on stage, he is giving his all to promoting a vegan lifestyle!  Havok was named Peta’s Sexiest Male Vegetarian in 2012, and has previously created an all-vegan clothing line.  In an interview with Peta, he describes why he chose to to be vegan, saying,  “I have wanted to live the healthiest lifestyle for sometime and being vegan is part of that — to consume foods that I know help my body rather than destroy my body and to avoid foods that are detrimental to my world in the same way that I would avoid drugs and alcohol and other poisons.”

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Thom Yorke
The often private front man of Radiohead, Yorke has publicly expressed his advocacy for environmental issues, as well as his vegetarian diet.  Initially inspired by singer Morrissey, Yorke adopted a non-meat diet in the early ’90s while on tour.  In a 2005 interview with Animal Aid, UK’s largest animal rights group, Yorke described his reasoning, saying, “A list of things I guess… first thing was Meat is Murder [a song by legendary band The Smiths]. The second thing was getting sick all the time every time I ate meat – getting sick a lot… and the third thing was I started going out with this girl and I wanted to impress her so I pretended I’d been vegetarian all along… and I immediately felt a lot better, a lot healthier.”


Notoriously known for his vigorous beliefs in animal rights, Morrissey has been a long-time vegetarian. In 1985, The Smiths released their song, “Meat Is Murder,” a tribute to vegetarianism.  Morrissey is a big supporter for Peta, and most recently made the headlines for his beliefs.  While on tour in 2013, Staples Center agreed to make their food vendors 100% vegan for his concert.  Morrissey also cancelled a subsequent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live due to the other guest of the evening, the cast of Duck Dynasty.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Anthony Kiedis

In 2008, the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman was named ‘World’s Sexiest Vegetarian’ by Peta.  Though Kiedis has gone on record to state that although he maintains a mostly vegetarian diet, he also isn’t completely anti-meat.  In an interview with Maxim, he said, “I’m not a true vegan. I dabble in sustainable fish and dawdle in the consumption of eggs. Steak doesn’t speak to me, and tempeh is so-so. I’ll savor a solitary apricot that’s been kissed by my baby.”

Rise Against

All the members of Rise Against (Tim, Joe, Brandon, Zach) are all vegetarian!  The band proudly supports several animal rights organizations, like Peta, and collectively raises awareness towards their lifestyle choice.  “Ready To Fall”‘s music video included controversial footage of animal farming and sport hunting, and their line of sneakers for Vans are made with all vegan materials.



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