Rodney On The Roq Playlist 8/25/14: Foxygen, Jigsaw Seen, The Muffs, And More

Foxygen “San Francisco”

The Rentals “Thoughts Of Sound”

Top Buzzer “Meanwhile In San Francisco”

Drifting Sand “Beach Tour USA”

Sneakout “West Coast”

The Seeds “Mr. Farmer”

Broncho “Class Historian”

Glen Matlock “Happy”

Mutants “Walking Wounded”

James Stevenson “Go Mister!”

Taxes “Mulholland Drive”

Sinead O’Connor “Take Me To Church”

The Blow “Like Girls”

Pins “Girls Like Us”

The Ravonettes “Sisters”

Holy Holy “Holy Holy”

Jigsaw Seen “Abide”

Casey Jack “Cool Kids”

Wild Smiles “Fool For You”

Blood Orange “Not Good Enough”

Satellite Sky “Bleary Eyed Fashion”

The Roxy Suicide “Joan Your Jett”

Swimming “Some Dreams Come True”

Team Spirit “Teenage Heart”

The Fame Riot “Limits”

Northern Faces “Wait Wait Wait”

Mutants “How Dare You”

The Seeds “Rolling Machine”

Avi Buffalo “So What”

The Rentals “Faces Of Our Tears”

My Grey Horse “They Shall Follow”

King Tuff “Eyes Of The Muse”

The Jigsaw Seen “Let There Be Reverb”

The Muffs “Weird Boy Next Door”

Pint Shot Riot “Twisted Soul”

Swimming “Younger”

Little Barrie “Fuzz Bomb”

Unknown Boy “Blush”

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