Morrissey’s ‘World Peace’ Videos Pulled from Vevo — And He Thinks His Albums Are Next

Morrissey and his (former?) label Harvest Records are the breakup that never ends.

They keep calling each other and getting back together in the middle of the night then pretending like it never happened the morning after— just kidding, but that would be a lot easier to follow than what’s actually been happening.

Morrissey has penned another manifesto about his label drama — yes, he claims again they have severed ties, despite the label’s insistence that they haven’t, and he has the breakup emails to prove it — and now he thinks that his new album World Peace Is None of Your Business is going to be pulled from shelves.

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In a post on his fansite True to You, perfectly titled “Please Close the Door Behind Me,” Moz talks about how his relationship with Harvest started to crumble when they wouldn’t let him make a music video for any of the songs, instead offering to foot the bill for lyric videos.

“… None of [the videos] gave any clue as to what World peace is none of your business intended to be, or is,” he wrote. “The films were OK, but they went nowhere and stayed there.”


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