Couple Reportedly Attacked at Mötley Crüe Show, Offers Bounty

By Courtney E. Smith

It was more than looks that could kill at a Mötley Crüe show in Cleveland, Ohio, on Tuesday (Aug. 12). reports that local couple Jeff Stone and his girlfriend, Kristine Scheetz, were attacked by a group of people, ending with a dislocated shoulder for Stone and a CAT scan, scratched cornea and swollen eyes for Scheetz.

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Stone recounts that a woman bumped into Scheetz, causing her 20-ounce beer to spill all over, including on herself. Scheetz reportedly asked for an apology and excuse me from the woman, which provoked the attack. According to Stone, the woman too a swing at Scheetz and prompted her friends to join in, creating a group fight with an undetermined number of male and female aggressors.


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