Dave The King Of Mexico Takes On The Ice Bucket Challenge

Author: Dave The King Of Mexico

There is a new trend taking over social media and this time it’s for a good cause. I was recently challenged by a friend to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge.

If you accept the challenge you have to dump a bucket full of ice over yourself or have someone do it for you. You can then nominate 3 friends to do the challenge as well. If you decline, you must donate to the www.alsa.org. This is all to bring awareness to #StrikeOutALS.


Well I accepted the challenge and with a little help from Kevin, here is what happened.

Now I nominate Brad Williams, Taylor Williamson and Eddie Ifft. You have 24 hours!!!

UPDATE: Brad Williams has completed the challenge! I’m looking at you Taylor Williamson & Eddie Ifft!!

Not all challenges have gone so smooth….




Even celebrities are getting in on the challenge.

Ronda Rousey

Justin Timberlake

Have you attempted the Ice Bucket Challenge? Let’s see them….

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