Franz Ferdinand ‘Stand on the Horizon’ in New Video: Watch

The May/December relationship gets a fresh and deeply unromantic face, thanks to Franz Ferdinand’s new video for “Stand on the Horizon.”

It opens on a vast, muddy plain. There is no sunshine, no civilization — just the sense of eternal twilight.

The action kicks in with a shot of Franz Ferdinand playing in a small club, clearly in some backwater burg located smack-dab in the middle of nowhere Europe. The boys wear gold lamé jackets and play, somewhat listlessly, as young men dance with their older partners in synchronized moves.

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Director Karan Kandhari describes his aesthetic here as, “An awkward look at innocence and experience.  An attempt to capture a sparkle in the melancholy and a warmth in the strangeness. I hope people find it both sad and funny / hopeful and human. We either achieved all of this, or totally failed and ended up with an alternative universe version of Franz Ferdinand.”

In short, it’s a case of opposites attracting. What’s unclear is why everyone is so stone faced and if they are or are not re-enacting a bit of the movie Cocoon at the end.


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