Rock & Roll’s Most Infamous Love Triangles

By Vanessa Payes

Sex has always taken center stage in the splendid albeit sordid lives of legendary rock stars.

Many of rock and roll’s royals have endured dramatic love triangles as they swapped lovers, wives, girlfriends and groupies.

Despite the broken hearts and friendships, many of these rock and roll bands stayed together and turned their pain into memorable hit songs.

There was the romantic run-around that fueled Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors and the constant partner swapping with Rolling Stones members. This doesn’t even include the revolving door of rock and roll groupies.

Take a peek at these legendary out-of-bounds romantic excursions that turned into rockstar melodrama.

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When Joey Ramone met Linda Daniele, it was true love. While they were together, Johnny Ramone took a liking to Linda and decided he wanted her for himself. Johnny’s relentless and cavalier pursuit won Linda’s heart and he swiped Joey’s girl. Joey was heart broken and the bros went to blows over Linda, who had inspired the Ramones’ song She’s A Sensation. Although Joey and Johnny never completely mended their friendship, the Ramones stuck it out and Linda stayed true to her Johnny until his death in 2004.

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Fleetwood Mac’s Grammy award winning album Rumours is laden with unforgettable tracks that captured band members’ raw emotions as their romantic affairs were falling apart. Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham were on the verge of calling it quits when they recorded tracks like Go You Own Way and Dreams. John McVie and Christine McVie’s marriage was unraveling when she recorded You Make Loving Fun about her new beaux. Needless to say there was plenty of drama in the studio . Add Stevie Nicks’ and Mic Fleetwood’s impetuous affair to the mix and you get one the best selling albums of all time.

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When John Phillips discovered that Michelle Phillips and Denny Doherty were getting it on behind his back, he forced Denny to co-write the track “I Saw Her Again” with him as a way to torture the handsome tenor for sleeping with his wife. Mama Cass wasn’t left out of this drama, she had been madly in love with Denny for years and had her heart broken when Denny turned down her marriage proposal. Tensions between the love-lorn members of The Mamas and The Papas eventually lead to Michelle getting the boot. The band only lasted a few years, but this drama inspired some of their greatest hits.

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Patty Boyd was married to George Harrison when Eric Clapton began lurking around and casually flirting with her. While George nurtured his spiritual curiosities and cocaine habit, Eric lured Patty away with his tenacious advances. Clapton wrote Layla for Patty and presented it to her as a way to woo her. Although she initially remained faithful to George, who had written his most famous single Something for her, she couldn’t resist Clapton’s passion and left George. Patty and Eric stayed together for eight years before undergoing their own relationship turmoil and splitting up. Years later when the three of them ran into each other, George kept it cool and let them know that he wasn’t holding a grudge.

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Courtney Love was dating alternative rocker, Billy Corgan, when she first hooked up with Kurt Cobain. It was during a visit to Minneapolis to hook up with Corgan that her on and off romance with the Smashing Pumpkins frontman was permanently Kurt-tailed by Cobain. Kurt and Courtney shacked up at The Omni Northstar Hotel, and as fate would have it, Frances Bean Cobain was conceived. Kurt and Courtney were married and had a tumultuous relationship that ended when Kurt took his life. Although rumors that Corgan and Love rekindled their romance after Kurt’s death have never been confirmed, the ex-lovers were recently engaged in a viscous twitter fight.

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Both Tommy Lee and Kid Rock were once married to busty bombshell Pamela Anderson. Their mutual love for the femme fatale, and their over blown egos, resulted in a now historic scuffle at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. Their animosity towards one another finally came to a head when Kid Rock struck Lee. Although Lee was being flirtatious with his ex-wife at the show, Kid Rock cited Lee’s taunts during his split with Anderson as the inciting incident. Pamela wasn’t impressed by the fight and playfully quipped about their childish behavior. This love triangle was short lived when Anderson moved on and distanced herself from Kid Rock and Tommy Lee with new man.

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The Rolling Stones never let on to the all the drama within the band, but Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were always bumping heads. Tensions between the iconic rockers reached a peak when Richards confessed to his romp in the sack with Jagger’s love, Marianne Faithfull. In his autobiography, Keith boasted a motor boating sesh in Marianne’s bosom while taking shots at Jagger’s junk. Keith Richards and Marianne Faithfull’s sex-capade ended with Richards jumping out a window to avoid being caught by Mick. Faithfull looks back on the affair fondly and still jokes with Richards about the steamy caper.

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Rocker Todd Rundgren, and self proclaimed muse Bebe Buell, were an item when Buell ran off with Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler. Although Buell was known to have been involved with many of rock and roll’s hottest stars while living with Rundgren, it was her tryst with Tyler that gave way to a love triangle. Buell became pregnant with actress Liv Tyler and kept Steven Tyler out of the loop because of his drug use. Rundgren dutifully played the father figure to Liv for most of her early childhood before Steven Tyler was given the news. Over the years, this melodramatic love triangle turned into an extended family leaving Liv with two rockstar dads.

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Actress and model, Anita Pallenberg’s two year relationship with Rolling Stones’ founding member Brian Jones was cut short when band mate Keith Richards swept her up and gallantly rescued her from Jones’ abusive tendencies. Pallenberg and Richards were together for nearly ten years and had two children but their relationship was no fairytale. Pallenberg seduced sexy frontman Mick Jagger while filming the ‘70s crime drama, Performance. Keith Richards scored his revenge by shacking up with Jagger’s main squeeze, Marianne Faithfull.


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