Travis Barker Is Basically Working With Everyone, Ever

By Nadia Noir

The question on everyone’s tongue about Travis Barker is…who isn’t the Blink-182 drummer working with?

Although Blink is slowly writing new music, all the members seem to be working with other awesome people in famous bands.

Mark Hoppus just started a new band called Nothing and Nobody with musician buddy Chris Holmes. Tom DeLonge has plugged away at his side project, Angels and Airwaves, for years.

And Travis has recently posted pictures of him with a ton of A-level musicians, hinting at future collaborations that no one has divulged about yet.

Here’s Travis with Tim Armstrong and Flea.

And here’s Travis with Mike Einziger from Incubus.

So, what kind of stuff is Travis working on?  What are we going to see next from him and all these huge names? Will Blink-182 be a part of it? No matter what they are all working on, it’s going to be epic.

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