Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Receiving His Own HBO Series

Dave Grohl is coming to your TV set again, this time with his own show.

Classic Rock magazine reports that Grohl will be given his own series on HBO. The program will expand on the feel of the Foo Fighters frontman’s Sound City documentary, finding Grohl traveling to recording studios across the world.

Grohl will also conduct various interviews at each studio, going head to head with some of the other musicians who have recorded there — making it more than a mere excuse to watch him flex his musical muscle in each recording studio.

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Already, the series is set to feature Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio in Chicago, Washington, D.C.’s Inner Ear (Don Zientara) and Rancho De La Luna in California, with interviews featuring Kiss’ Paul Stanley, Joe Walsh of the Eagles and Heart’s Nancy Wilson, among others.


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