Locals Only Playlist 5/11/14: Bad Suns, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Seedless, & More – Listen And Vote

Author: Kat Corbett

5 – Watch For Horses “Open Sea”

4 – Blondfire “Waves”

3 – Ceasefire “Wake Up”

2 – The Colourist “We Won’t Go Home”

1 – Bad Suns “Cardiac Arrest”







Watch For Horses “Open Sea”

Blondfire “Waves”

Ceasefire “Wake Up”

The Colourist “We Won’t Go Home”

Bad Suns “Cardiac Arrest”

Papa “Put Me to Work”

Indian School “Rob Your House”

Breach the Summit “Step”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Let the Day Begin”

Midnight Hour “Monster”

Fever the Ghost “Source”

New Beat Fund “Scare Me”

Seedless “Friends”

Beware of Darkness “All Who Remain”

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