Listen To Brody Dalle’s New Song “Parties For Prostitutes”

By Nadia Noir

Brody Dalle‘s new song, “Parties For Prostitutes” is the second single off her upcoming solo venture, Diploid Love.

A sexy slow-grinder with a sultry drone that eventually explodes into viciously hard punk guitars, Dalle’s new song has an epic climax.

Just like you’d expect from a party with a prostitute.

This is definitely a song that you’ll want to keep listening to. Check it out above.

Dalle is on tour with her husband, Josh Homme, who just said in an interview that he’s totally not “metal.” She’s also on tour with Nine Inch Nails.

That sounds like one of the most amazing line-ups we’ve heard in like forever, except for maybe Linkin Park with Thirty Seconds to Mars.

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