Kevin & Bean Voice Idol: Who Will Fill In For Ralph Next Week?

Author: Chip

You know Ralph for his hourly Showbiz Beats, but he also of course is a man of a million voices. If we need to catch up with Justin Bieber, Loquecia, or one of many drunk animals, he’s our go-to guy on the other end of the line.

Ralph has other jobs too, including appearing in Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming western “A Million Ways to Die in the West”. He’s going to be out all of next week filming, so what are we going to do when we need a voice for a bit? Ralph had a genius idea and decided to audition the “talented” members of the show to find his temporary replacement.

Kevin, Bean, Lisa May, Dave and Beer Mug were at the mercy of the Wheel, as they were assigned a voice at random to perform. Who will get stuck with Larry Flynt? Or Adam West? Who will be crowned champion?

Please enjoy.

Audition for Ralphs GIG
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