Watch Bastille Mashup Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ With Pulp’s ‘Common People’

Bastille surprised BBC Radio 1 listeners yesterday (Feb 10) with a mash-up of Michael Jackson‘s emotional ‘Earth Song’ with Pulp‘s anthem for the ordinary, “Common People,” complete with a four-woman backing vocal section.

Interview: Bastille Is Not a Rock Band

According to NME, Bastille’s out-of-ordinary mash-up was “a nod to Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker who invaded the stage at the Brit Awards during Michael Jackson’s performance of ‘Earth Song’ in 1996.” Bastille will make their own appearance on the award show February 19. The London-based foursome are nominated for British Group, British Breakthrough, British Single for “Pompeii’ and British Album of the Year for Bad Blood.

A surprise to many in the Alt-Rock world, the band doesn’t see themselves stuck in any one particular genre. “I don’t think we think of ourselves as anything in particular,” singer Dan Smith told “We don’t see ourselves as a rock band. We don’t see ourselves as a pop band.” “It’s quite hard to be a rock band without an electric guitar in most of your songs, I think,” bassist Chris Wood addedc with a sly smile.

During their live set on BBC 1’s Live Lounge appearance last September, the band put their unique spin on Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.”

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