Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig & Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O Reveal Alternate “Moon Song”

By Nadia Noir

With music that includes Kim Deal from The Breeders, Karen O‘s sugary-sweet croon on “The Moon Song” in Spike Jonze’s beautiful film Her was the star song on the soundtrack. The track was nominated for Best Original Song.

In an alternate version, Karen collaborated with Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend to make the love song a duet. Karen O talked to Rolling Stone about the songwriting process: “It’s wild because ‘The Moon Song’ was written and recorded in the most humble of circumstances; at my dining room table, a few paces away from the couch I read the script for Her for the first time.”

“I wrote the song as a duet,” Karen O explained. “I was really excited at the prospect of getting to record it with a male vocalist. Ezra was super cool and open, he slipped into character like a champ and damn he’s got the goods. Singing this song with Ezra felt like fulfilling a wish of my die-hard romantic junior high self. It’s a dreamy tune. Spike’s Her is the gift that keeps on giving.”​

Listen below:

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