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“It’s innovative and interesting and cool so I’m just excited for the world to hear it.”

By Staff

For the first time ever, the stars have aligned so that 311 can release an album on March 11, or, ahem, 3/11. To kick it off, the band has premiered the first single titled “Five of Everything” off of their new album Stereolithic, available for pre-sale tonight (Feb. 4) at 12:00 a.m. EST.

“This song rocks. I’m glad we’re starting with a rocker,” Nick Hexum said in an interview with Stryker, afternoon host on KROQ, Los Angeles (a station). “It’s innovative and interesting and cool so I’m just excited for the world to hear it.”

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Boasting 15 tracks, far more than previous albums, Hexum explained the band fell into a very productive groove. “On this current album it really felt like a well-oiled machine. Our previous one was just eight. But this time we just kinda got into this creative flow and we just can’t wait for people to hear it. There’s a lot of new sounds, it’s very eclectic.”

For the first time, the band will get their wish of launching an album on 3/11, finally coinciding with their annual celebration 311 Day. The 60-song one-night event will take place this year in New Orleans, LA and boast “a lot of special production and surprises,” said Hexum. With a feel similar to a convention, the bi-annual event pulls in fans from around the globe.

After more than two decades, the band has maintained the a rabid fanbase by staying true to some simple values. Hexum explained, “I think a couple of the keys are put the music first, put everything you’ve got into the show, and when it comes to the inner workings of a band, be ready to not get your way and realize that they collective of what we have is bigger than the sum of all the parts. It’s a special chemistry. And most importantly, we just keep an attitude of gratitude.”

Stereolithic is out March 11 on their own 311 Records. Check out their Pledge Music page for more information.


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