Top 10 “Thanks For That Tweet Bean” Tweets of 2013

Author: Chip

We have been counting down the best things of 2013, but now, we  have arrived at Bean’s tweets.

Bean used to only be able to annoy us with useless facts and statements off-air during songs. But then he discovered Twitter, and he can now ruin social media for everyone.

In good conscience, I can’t call this a “best”  of list.

Day after day, I’m the lucky one with the job of keeping track of Bean’s Twitter timeline. I believe it has shaved a couple years off of my life.  However, it’s made worth it by Kevin and Ralph screaming at Bean about the crap he writes.

Please enjoy our compilation of Bean’s worst tweets of the year:

#10: Remind me to tell you about the knife fight I once got in arguing over Eddie Rabbit’s “Driving My Life Away” vs. ” I Love a Rainy Night”

#9: Remember how sad you were  the day you realized Cutting Crew wouldn’t be putting out another album?

#8: Not tying to be controversial, but I’m just sayin’ that “Car Wash” is the best song ever about a car wash.

#7: Am I the only one rolling deep to “An Evening with John Denver” on this Friday night? Or just the only one cool enough to admit it?

Top 10 Bean Tweets of 2013

#6: I need today to be a “cashew” day. Ive had too many “Brazil nut” days this week. Come on Saturday, let’s do this!

#5: Look, I can either rock and roll all night, or I can party every day, but I just can’t do both. Don’t be unreasonable!

#4: Why are scientists still debating what killed the dinosaurs, instead of just asking Larry King what he saw?

#3: Come back to us, Billy Ocean. All is forgiven.

#2: Why would we ever need to be chasing waterfalls, anyway? They don’t go anywhere, they’re not tornadoes.

#1: You know what I’m sayin’?

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