Top 10 Beer Mug Interview Moments of 2013

Author: Chip

When there’s a big world premiere of a movie going on, or any event with tons of celebrities, we can only think of one man to go get us some in-depth interviews.

That dude is never available, so we send Beer Mug.

Beer Mug won’t ask the hard hitting questions, but he is the best at talking about himself, comparing stars to other people in their field, and just getting information wrong.

“He’s not bad in one direction,” Bean explains, “he’s bad in all directions.”

Enjoy Beer Mug’s most “outrageous” work this year:

#10 Beer Mug tries to ask Avicii a question about the state of EDM, if you could even call it a question.

#9 Beer Mug asks an actor at the “Bad Grandpa” premiere if he’s seen the movie yet.

#8 Brittany Howard of The Alabama Shakes get asked if she’s had much experience in LA.

#7 Mugs asks Tony Hawk where his Sirius show can be found.

#6 Mugs wishes he was from Compton.

Top 10 Beer Mug Interviews of 2013

#5 Beer Mug talks to Gavin Bailey about being nominated for a Teen Choice Award, and winning an OC Music Award. Neither happened.

#4 Beer Mug asks Gavin for his thoughts about an important milestone; however, Mugs can’t remember what that milestone is.

#3 Vocalist Wanz is dissed by Beer Mug, who doesn’t hide the fact that he’d rather talk to someone else.

#2 Beer Mug fails to coax Jennifer Hudson to join him for an interview.

#1 Beer Mug fails again, this time yelling at Selena Gomez on the red carpet.

Keep up the good job, Mugs.

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