Kevin & Bean’s Top 10 “Moments With” Of 2013

Author: Chip

If you listen to our show, you know we are radio professionals of the highest caliber.

Or… just barely. Many times, someone on the show will stumble over a word or phrase, or ask a question that is complete nonsense. We gleefully document these as “Moments With” and revisit them over and over, much to the dismay of whoever screwed up.

Kevin is the undisputed world champion of “Moments With”, but Bean did give him a run for his money this year.

Please enjoy.

#10 Ralph: He can’t come up with the word “strategist”…or is it “statistician?”

#9 Kevin: “Good old personal…you know what I’m sayin’…”

#8 Kevin: It’s 20 for a full size p-p-…you know what I mean.”

#7 Bean: Remember, she no longer does those “10 Most Celebrity Fascinating Celebrity Interview Shows…”

#6 Kevin: Our traffic reporter’s name is now “Lucy”

Top 10 Moments With of 2013

#5 Kevin: Fichtner!

#4 Kevin: “Are there anythings that I’ve changed my mind in the time since 2013, with the time you are?”

#3 Bean: “Are you trying to say, “all’s well that ends well?”

#2 Bean: Everyone loves “South Park” creators Trat and May.

#1 Kevin:  “Homeland” actor Shaun Toub calls out Kevin for asking a stupid question

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