Kevin & Bean’s Top 10 Drops of 2013

Author: Chip

Throughout the show, we constantly use soundbites, or “drops”.

These are pieces of audio from movies, TV, songs, or even one of us saying something that we think are funny. Here are the funniest new drops we premiered this year:

#10 “Im bored! I’m bored”: Our own Lisa May recreating Lindsay Lohan’s performance in that horrible “Liz & Dick” movie.

#9 “Is Don On The Phone?”: Kasey Kasem throws a tantrum about how his radio show is going. It’s now our go-to drop for when something goes wrong…we use it a lot.

#8 “P-A-R-T- Why? Because I Said So!”: BBC DJ Paula White does her radio show completely wasted, and gets fired. She’s our hero.

#7 “That must’ve been a moment of party!” Our own version of DJ Paula White, Kevin, contributed this drop.

Top 10 Drops of 2013

#6 “Bursdaaaaaaay”: Rapper Extraodinaire  GMCFOSHO’s clip gets used almost daily during Ralph’s Showbiz Beat.

#5 “Silence!”: Buzz Aldrin’s terrible attempt at contributing to Thomas Dolby’s song “She Blinded Me With Science”.

#4 “I pooped my pants”: In an interview, Al Roker recalls a particularly embarrassing incident that occurred while visiting the White House.

#3 “Farrah Ambramson?”: Kevin’s second entry on this year’s list, this one is him screwing up the name of “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham.

#2 “Fire Beer Mug”: Recorded just for us by the voice of Screen Junkies’ “Honest Trailers” videos.

#1 “Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turnin” Comedian Rob Delaney’s singing of this Journey tune can be heard constantly, usually when Kevin or Bean let Ralph know they have a clip of a song he is discussing during Showbiz.

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