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Top 10 Omar Intros Of 2013

DJ Omar Khan does good work. Or really bad work. Every time we do a game or a special segment, like our “Ask A’s”, we throw Omar into his lab to cook us up an intro. Sometimes, there’s a clear idea given to him, other times, not so much.

Kevin joked how little Omar is given to work with sometimes. “Make a theme for “Bananas on Tuesdays”!” The guys never listen to his end product beforehand, so they are always pleasantly surprised…or disgusted by what he comes up with.

Please enjoy Omar’s best work of 2013:

#10: “What’s Up With Florida?”: Because so much crazy crap happens in the Sunshine State, we had to create a new segment dedicated solely to the Sunshine State.

#9: “Autocomplete Game”: Bean’s game where he gives Kevin, Lisa and Ralph the first half of a search query on Google, and they have to guess the most popular suggestion. (It’s true, Omar only searches for naked grandmas.)

#8: “Jay-Z or Gatsby”: We gave away tickets to see “The Great Gatsby”, and since Jay-Z did the soundtrack,we read quotes to listeners and had them guess if it was from a Jay-Z song or from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel.

#7: “Teen Heroes”: We did a week of giveaways for “Kick-Ass 2” passes, and this intro, to the tune of David Bowie’s “Heroes” kicked off a running gag that ran through the rest of the games for the week: “Green Heroes”, “Mean Heroes”, “Queen Heroes”, and “Machine Heroes”.

#6: “Shoot Them Bows”: A Top 10 intro first! This one was produced by Beer Mug while Omar was on vacation, for “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” tickets. We don’t like to encourage Mugs, but this intro was pretty strong.

#5 “Looney Tunes”: To give away tickets for April Foolishness, we pulled popular theme songs from TV sitcoms and had listeners guess what show they belonged to.

#4 “Funny Fight”: Another game to give away April Foolishness tickets. We really can’t remember what the game was actually about…but it was to the tune of “Kung-Fu Fighting”.

#3 “Superhero Colors”: Omar’s best Ice-T impression for a game having to do with colors superheroes wear. Would a tie-dye wearing superhero really be a cool guy?

#2 “Name That Superman Movie”: To get tickets for the new “Superman” movie, we played clips from previous Superman movies and had listeners guess which one they were hearing. The intro is comically way too long, and Omar goes into great detail about how the game works.

#1 “Ask A Mobster”: We had Michael Franzese, a former Mafia Capo, in-studio to take questions from listeners. This is the only intro that made Omar fear for his life, and one that ended up not getting played all the way through, because the guest was not a fan. At all. No love for “Ghostbusters”?

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