Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele Find Comedy In Names, Get Props From Obama

Author: Chip

Sketch comedy show “Key & Peele” returned to Comedy Central this week, and stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele joined the Kevin & Bean show to discuss what’s in store for season 3.

Some of the show’s most beloved sketches, like “Substitute Teacher” and the “East/ West College Bowl” find comedy in names. In the “Substitute Teacher” sketch, a Sub from the inner-city has trouble pronouncing “white” names like “Ba-lock-ay” (Blake) and “Jay-kwell-an” (Jacqueline).

Key & Peele 1

“Black People, we have fascinating “out of the box” names, Key explained, “white people have about 4 names.”

“You’re one of them!” Peele said to Kevin.

Key noted that there seems to be a national fascination with names, and the “East/West Bowl” sketch showcases the odd ones that seem to pop up in football.

“We do not do real life justice to the actual real names.”

Another one of Key & Peele’s most popular skits is “Luther”, Obama’s anger translator. Since Obama needs to stay cool and political, Luther is employed to “say whatever the hell he really wants to say” as Key explained.

“[Jordan] does the BEST Obama.” The pair actually met the man himself, and Obama had told them, “You know, I need a Luther.”

Key & Peele 2

“Probably the greatest moment of my life,” Key recalled, and also said that it just makes Luther seem so much real as a character.  This season, Luther helps Obama outside the political realm, when Obama wants to gets some sexy time with Michelle. The First Lady will also have her own anger translator introduced, Katendra, played by Nicole Randall Johnson.

Kevin asked if they asked The President to appear in a sketch. “You know what, I think we just assumed the answer,” Key joked,” but there’s some talk, some possibility that something like that could happen.

Key & Peele 3

Why hello there!

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