Help 19-Year Old Kaitlyn Dobrow This Weekend In Her Recovery From Bacterial Meningitis

Author: Chip

Kaitlyn Dobrow led the live of a very active 19-year old, with her time being filled with work, dance, boxing and MMA.

On February 11, Kaitlyn went to the gym after getting off her shift at work. When she woke up the next morning, she complained of flu-like symptoms. Later that day, her symptoms had worsened to the point of needing to go to the hospital. There, she was diagnosed with Meningocococcemia.

She spent  four months in the ICU, and endured over 20 surgeries, with the end result losing her arms and legs. She also suffered severe skin trauma and spent time in the burn unit.

Actor John Stamos paid a visit to Kaitlyn, promising a date to Disneyland when she was released from the hospital.

Kaitlyn’s mom, Kathi, wrote an update on their fundraising page regarding Kaitlyn’s progress:

“Kaitlyn was measured a couple of days ago. Before she got sick, she was 5′ 7″, and she’s now 4′ 6″. Awwww. She has been doing incredibly well in rehab, surprising her therapists. She’s been spending most of the day in her wheelchair and is incredibly strong and balanced during physical therapy. Yesterday, she was able to get herself into her wheelchair from the PT mat!!! God has been preparing her her entire life for this. Everything she’s done up to this time in her life has pointed toward this illness and successful recovery. Please keep her in your prayers. Much love.”

Kathi & Kaitlyn Dobrow

Costs for Kaitlyn’s continued recovery are daunting, and you can help by donating here.   The proceeds will go toward refitting the Dobrow house, prosthetics, and other ongoing expenses.

This morning, Kevin & Bean spoke with both Kathi and Kaitlyn for an update on how the family is doing.

“We’re doing great, Kaitlyn’s attitude is amazing.”

And what does Kaitlyn look forward to upon her release from rehabilitation? “Walking. I miss my dog.”

UPDATE: There is a fundraiser for Kaitlyn this Sunday, September 22 from 5-8pm at the Histortic Huntington Beach High School Auditorium

1905 Main St., Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Minimum donation is $10 dollars for admission, and entertainment will include comedians, bands and dancers. There will also be raffles and an auction, as well as an art show.

All proceeds will  go to Katie’s medical & rehabilitation costs and prothetics


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