Kurt Sutter Discusses The Long-Awaited Return Of “Sons Of Anarchy”

Author: Chip

It does seem like Season 5 of FX’s  “Sons of Anarchy” happened forever ago.

“It last aired in the 80’s,” Bean jokes. Well, it’s actually only been 9 months, but this week the drama (“The Godfather” set on bikes, as Kevin says) finally returns. The man behind the madness, Kurt Sutter, visited Kevin and Bean to talk about season 6.

Kurt Sutter of course is only involved in a couple of things on the show: he’s the creator, executive producer,  writer, director, and an actor (Otto).

“I do catering as well,” Sutter joked, “I’m often on the set toasting bagels.”

Kurt Sutter Part 1

When we left off last season, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Gemma ( Katey Segal)  framed Clay (Ron Perlman) in the murder of Damon Pope (Harold Perrineau), with the intention of Clay meeting his fate with Pope’s community while in jail. Clay knows he was set up, but as a result of the betrayal by his wife, gives up and takes what’s coming for him next.

Clay is not the only one in jail, as Terra was busted for aiding and abetting after reaching out to Sutter’s character, Otto.

Otto as Sutter puts it, “takes one for the team” in the season 6 opener, but the end of season 5 didn’t fare too well for him either during his interrogation.

“How would Otto prove that he’s not going to talk?” Sutter explained, “I did the research and figured out how one would bite off their own tongue.”

Filming the scene proved to be difficult to pull off, especially with Otto throwing the tongue at the window of the interrogation room.  The rubber tongue just kept bouncing off the glass, so a rig was made with string to attempt to make it look more realistic.  Sutter didn’t know if it would even end up working, but Donal Logue’s (Lee) reaction in the scene was so good, it pulled everything together to make everything effective.

Kurt Sutter Part 2

Bean wondered with the subject matter being so dark, if the set day-to-day reflected that mood.

“It’s all levity,” Sutter explained, “there’s a lot of dark humor obviously in the show, you have to have that balance, because it’s a pretty grim world.” While developing the show, Sutter did research by spending time with bike gangs in Northern California, and discovered members balanced their lives with humor, constantly giving each other a hard time.

Kurt Sutter Part 3

“Sons Of Anarchy” airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on FX.

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