Jimmy Kimmel Explains Pranking The World With His Twerking Fail Video

Author: Chip

The hilarious video of a girl getting set on fire in a twerking accident was the biggest thing on the internet in the last couple of weeks, getting over 10 million hits. Some people thought it was real, and we even had a huge discussion about it.

Then, it was revealed Monday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that we were all punked by our man Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy called in to rub his diabolical genius in Kevin & Bean’s faces.

Jimmy Kimmel

“Who could imagine that it would be so easy to prank The Internet, of all things,” Kimmel said. Jimmy had actually heard our debate over the validity of the clip, and nearly tipped us off about the joke.

“Kevin was confused and really wrong, and [Bean] was at him, it was really like when I worked there,” he recalls.

The video wasn’t even intended as a prank, but came from a challenge Jimmy had made to his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” writers to plant something on the internet that really had nothing to do with the show. It wasn’t promoted by anyone on the show, no one from the show tweeted about it, they just “let it out into the wild.”

About 12 hours after getting posted, the video started getting passed around, people made gifs, or some just ripped it off and posted it as their own.

“You know, websites do a nice thing where you put something on YouTube, they will then just steal it and put their own logo on it, and just pass it around,” he joked.

The hardest part of filming such a short video? “We only had three tables to break,” Jimmy explained, “so when you know you have a limited number of props, you know you have to get it right in three takes.”

Well played, Jimmy Kimmel. Well played.

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